Green Eyed Nymph

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Green Eyed Nymph is a contortionist, model, and musician from New Jersey.

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What inspired you to choose the handle Green Eyed Nymph?

I chose the name “Green Eyed Nymph” because most of my portraits take place in nature, often around water. So I thought a forest nymph would be a good persona for me. Technically my eyes are hazel, not green, but in direct sunlight the green in them pops out which shows up in many of my portraits. I wanted an eye-catching name and I thought “Green Eyed Nymph” had a nice ring to it.

How did you get into modeling?

I have been modeling for 11 years. I used to practice contortion and would perform at local clubs or parties and post pictures and videos online. A scout found me one day and asked me to do some professional photoshoots as a contortionist. So in the beginning, almost all of my shoots were either contortion or fitness related, but as I made more connections in the photography world, eventually people asked me to shoot just as a normal model, not a contortionist.

You’ve participated in a number of high concept shoots. Do you have any favorites?

My favorite concepts are honestly the simplest ones. I love shooting outdoors at beautiful locations. To me, those don’t feel like work. It just feels like going for a hike and enjoying the weather. My posing always feels the most natural when I’m in nature. I love the high concept shoots as well but those take a lot more focus and energy.

In addition to modeling, a lot of your content showcases your music. What’s your primary instrument?

My primary instrument is double bass. I also play a little piano, guitar and bass guitar, but I don’t practice those as much.

Do you write original material?

I used to write songs a lot when I was in high school and college. I would write more now, but I’ve been so busy and I haven’t had a lot of inspiration. I’d like to get back into it eventually whenever things slow down.

You’ve mentioned you’re vegan. How hard was it to start?

I am vegan. It was not hard for me to start because I’ve been vegetarian almost my whole life. I love animals and never liked the idea of eating them. But when I found out that even as a vegetarian, animals are still being abused and killed for my meals, I couldn’t do it anymore. I pretty much went vegan overnight and never looked back. It’s been six years now and I have no regrets.

Has being vegan impacted your art?

Being vegan has only impacted my art a little bit. I have turned down shoots that required fur or leather for wardrobe. I also always ask the makeup and hair stylists to use cruelty free products. Every once in a while weird non-vegan props come up, like dead bugs or honey. But no one really argues with me or pushes me to do anything I don’t want to do. I think lots of models are vegan these days so it’s not too out of the ordinary.

The full uncensored pictorial can be found on our patreon!

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