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Mira is a model based out of New York.

The full uncensored pictorial can be found on our patreon!

We first came into contact through a photography workshop. Can you explain what that is?

Sure! A photography workshop is usually a studio event organized by either photographers or models that includes group shoots as well as individual shoots set up through the organizers. It’s a great opportunity for photographers and models to network with each other. It can also be cost-effective for photographers who attend since the group shoots spread the cost of multiple models amongst up to around 10 people.

How is modeling for a workshop different from a commercial project?

Because I’m modeling for so many people during a workshop, my posing ends up being less guided by a central theme or mood. The photographers have more limitations when it comes to asking me to pose a certain way or change the lighting, etc. as well. When I’m shooting commercially or one-on-one, I usually get a clearer sense of what the photographer is looking for after a few minutes and play in that space. Since I have parameters to work with, that’s when I feel most creative and most able to experiment.

You shoot across genres. Do you have a favorite one?

All have their high points but I love shooting artistic nude—I feel like I can really move and feel my body. I also love and want to experiment with more heavily styled shoots, I have a pretty extensive wardrobe and would love to dip into it more and do more bold make-up than I usually do. I wish I had a virtual closet so I could show photographers what I have! Maybe that’s a project for another time.

Similarly, do you have a favorite photoshoot?

Ah, this is such a tough one! I think it’s hard to choose a favorite, but I’m really proud of my shoot with Rick Poston. I remember seeing those photos just in-camera and feeling a real sense of pride and joy as to what we had created, not to mention it was a lot of fun! I think what we both love about photography and modeling really meshed when we shot together. Similarly, I love shooting with Christopher Saunders. It sounds really cheesy, but I think he’s someone who really captures my soul and it’s always a pleasure shooting with him.

On Instagram, you describe yourself as being Brazilian, Japanese, and American. How does this background inform your sense of self?

Honestly, I usually put that description in my Instagram bio because I get a lot of questions about where I’m from or what my ethnicity is. I’m sure others can relate to this, but sometimes analyzing my background confuses my sense of self more than informs. I love where I come from, but it is difficult to draw lines and say “this led me to do this and that led me to like that”. Everything is kind of jumbled up inside me and I love it that way.

Speaking of Instagram, every model that has been featured in our magazine has dealt with censorship on that platform. So we always ask, what kind of platform would you like to see for models?

Since my account was almost deleted last year for going against Instagram’s guidelines, I actually just created a portfolio site for myself. But one of the struggles with creating a website with the existence of social media is getting people to visit it without using a current social media platform. It’s hard to come by a website on happenstance nowadays. Ideally, I would love a platform where everyone’s profile is connected to their own personal website. It would allow users to have full customization and control over how their portfolio is displayed but also have access to a network of people who are interested in engaging with it. Someone, get to coding!

The full uncensored pictorial can be found on our patreon!

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